Kevin Sorbo says Facebook hasn't told him why his page was deleted, compares situation to 'Seinfeld' episode

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Kevin Sorbo is trying to figure out why his Facebook page was taken down. 

The openly conservative actor appeared on “Fox News @ Night” Monday alongside his wife, Sam Sorbo, to discuss what he believes is cancel culture run amuck after the social media platform took down his official verified account allegedly without giving him an explanation. 

“I’ve been told absolutely nothing, I mean they’ve been shadow banning me for the last year telling me that they’re purposely only letting a select few people see the posts that I make,” he explained. “And the posts that I make, I do a lot of humor and obviously Facebook doesn’t like humor because they don’t have anything to laugh about.”

Sorbo continued: “And then I post things from doctors saying ‘Hey check out the other side of the issue of COVID’ or ‘check out the other side of the issue of voter fraud’ and ‘what do you guys think?’ That’s pretty much what I post and that’s enough to make them get angry and take my account down, I don’t know. I’d love to get an answer, trust me.

Kevin Sorbo says Facebook hasn’t explained to him why his account was removed.

Representatives for Facebook did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

Sorbo noted that he made a new Facebook account but said that users are having trouble promoting it. He claims they’re getting a notification saying that promoting the new page is not allowed under the site’s rules.

“It’s like a ‘Seinfeld’ episode,” he joked. “Where he’s trying to make a reservation at a rental car.”

The actor referenced an episode from Season 3 of the hit 1990s sitcom in which Jerry Seinfeld’s character becomes irate when, despite reserving a rental car, the service had no cars reserved. 


The star was further asked about the distinction between what many call cancel culture and simple accountability. He noted that he feels that radio silence from Facebook has left him unable to defend himself on the matter, resulting in him simply being silenced, which he deemed a cancellation.


“That’s total cancellation. I mean look, I don’t post things that want to cause riots or cause fighting and anger and hate,” he explained. “I post things like, ‘let’s have a discussion about this guys.’ Because we’re getting so many different things whether it’s wearing masks or not wearing masks, whether there’s voter fraud or not voter fraud. I say, why can’t we discuss those issues? But for whatever reason… their tolerance level is a one-way street with them. It’s difficult to fight that battle when they have all the power and they know they have all the power.”

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