Kim Kardashian Wipes Out Wakeboarding in Idaho

Kim Kardashian makes just about everything look so easy and effortlessly. But, wakeboarding? Not so much.

Kim K tried channeling her inner Robert Kelly Slater during a wakeboarding sesh while on a long holiday weekend in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho … giving the water sport a decent shot.

You can see Kim getting instructions on the fly … and she ultimately paid the price with a gnarly wipeout after the waves got a little too bumpy for her equilibrium to handle.

It took a couple tries, but eventually Kim gets up … and, not just that, she eventually mustered the courage to let go of the rope and ride a wave. She threw her arms up in celebration.

Kim’s kiddos also went on their own water ride of sorts … thanks to the epic slide built at Wayne Gretzky‘s house, where the family visited. You can see Saint helped his little sister, Chicago, down the slide … though “help” is not exactly the word Kim would have chosen.

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