Lee Pace thinks people are trolling him when theyre actually lusting after him


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I follow a number of gay men on Twitter and I’ve found, on the whole, that Lee Pace is probably the closest thing to a consensus Hot Guy. Everyone loves him. Everyone thinks he’s hot AF. He holds a special place in the hearts of gay dudes though. They’ll follow him anywhere. They’ll probably become Foundation’s biggest audience. That’s what Lee Pace is promoting these days, the Apple series Foundation, where he plays the leader of a futuristic empire. Pace was interviewed by The Cut, and he knows that people love him, or love to look at photos of him, or day-dream about what his neck smells like. Some highlights:

He’s aware of the lust: “I am aware. I don’t understand how the internet works. I actually think people are trolling me. Who’s trolling who is the question. But I guess that’s what you submit yourself to on the internet: a mutual troll fest. I guess I’m trolling back and that’s fun for everyone involved.”

He loves his dog: “There was about a three-year period of time where I didn’t have a dog and I was depressed.”

His farm in upstate New York: “For a while, we planted wheat and corn and sunflowers. Now we put it to hay because I travel so much. I plant a lot of trees. I have tree projects every year. If I can get a few more seasons of Foundation, I’m going to put a fence up and get as many animals as I can.”

His private life: “My feeling about it now is I choose not to answer questions about my life. I choose to show things as I want to. That feels to me appropriate in the 21st century. I actually think it’s kind of fun.”

His rumored partner/husband: Pace’s rumored partner, based on America’s great detective, The Internet, is Thom Browne exec Matthew Foley (both are tagged in each other’s Instagrams). He prefers not to identify Foley, but Pace consistently refers to “we” when talking about life at the farm. Then, I notice a gold wedding band on his left hand and ask about it. He playfully feigns surprise. “What? No! How did that get there? Gus, do you know anything about that?”

He’s not going to talk about his sexuality endlessly: In 2018, he was asked about his sexuality in a W Magazine interview and said he found the question “intrusive.” It then led Pace to come out as “a member of the queer community” on Twitter (with the help of a Missy Elliott GIF) and then in a New York Times profile. “I just don’t feel like I owe anyone an explanation about who I am or what I do. I mean talk about a farce, like 12 times I read ‘He’s come out!’ [Laughs.] I’m not hiding. I’m living and I always have been.”

[From The Cut]

The hot man who loves dogs and lives on a big farm in upstate New York with his fashion-executive husband? Sign me up. And no, people aren’t trolling him! People genuinely love him! I can’t go a day without seeing someone lusting after him and calling him Daddy. That’s not trolling! That’s being an Internet Boyfriend.


A post shared by Lee Pace (@leeepfrog)


A post shared by Lee Pace (@leeepfrog)

Photos courtesy of Pace’s Instagram.

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