Lewis Hamiltons brother deletes Twitter over hacking chaos

Nicolas Hamilton was horrified after he discovered posts on his Twitter account that he didn’t recognise and couldn’t remember posting.

The brother of Formula 1 ace Lewis Hamilton lamented that the hacker had caused all kinds of chaos, after a post was published saying: “Although I struggle with walking as a result of my cerebral palsy, it is far preferable to being treated as less than sentient while in a wheelchair.”

The public reaction prompted him to delete his account entirely, revealing all in a new video published to Instagram.

He told his followers: “I never go on Twitter,” before stating that a chance decision to go back to the app this morning resulted in him seeing a reposted video of him doing a speech, alongside a tweet that unfortunately caused huge offence to some.

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“There was a caption that was written about me leaving my wheelchair behind and almost made out that I was better than those that are still in wheelchairs,” he explained.

“I wanted to just do this message really briefly to let you know that I’ve had some hacking issues on my Twitter account and I can’t remember posting that video or that comment on my account, so I’m pretty shocked for it being on there in the first place.

“Because I’m having all these issues with Twitter, I’ve gone ahead and deactivated my account… it just looks bad on me when I have nothing to do with my own account,” he lamented.

Nicolas was originally wheelchair bound due to cerebral palsy, but underwent gruelling training for years in a bid to be able to walk unaided later in life.

However he is adamant that he has no idea who posted the comment on Twitter, and was devastated to learn that it had created “a lot of negativity”.

One of those who misunderstood the comment and assumed it was Nicolas speaking was paraplegic Loose Women presenter Sophie Morgan.

Sophie – who previously presented the Summer Paralympics in Tokyo for Channel 4 – republished the tweet, while quizzing: “Does anyone else find this offensive?

“He’s just been celebrated in Vogue as some sort of icon. Not sure how this sort of rhetoric helps this disabled community. Some of us aren’t able to get out and walk away,” she exclaimed.

Sophie has been paraplegic for the past 20 years after suffering a road traffic accident at the tender age of 18, which caused irreparable damage to her spinal cord.

As a result, she is paralysed from the chest down and, unlike Nicolas, has been unable to abandon her wheelchair.

However, Nicolas – an athlete with 338,000 followers – expressed his disappointment that he’d caused offence, adding that his purpose in life is to “inspire”.

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