Margot Robbie Convinced 'Barbie' Director to Include Nicki Minaj Song

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Nicki Minaj can thank Margot Robbie for getting their Barbie-themed song into the new movie — this despite a lot of bad blood between the brand and the ‘Barbie Girl’ band.

The actress revealed in a new interview Monday that she actually begged director Greta Gerwig — who’s heading up the “Barbie” film — to somehow get Nicki and Ice Spice‘s banger of a track, “Barbie World,” into the production … saying it’d be a sin to leave it out.

Here’s how MR says she reacted when she learned the two rappers were coming out with a Barbie tune … “I was like, ‘Together? Are you joking?!’ I just knew immediately that all my girlfriends were going to lose their minds.”

'Barbie' Fans Outraged That 'Barbie Girl' Song is MIA From Movie Trailer

'Barbie' Fans Outraged That 'Barbie Girl' Song is MIA From Movie Trailer

Margot goes on to say she pleaded with Gerwig to get this track into their project.

Here’s how she explains that effort … “I was like, ‘Greta, how are we going to incorporate this song? We can’t do a Barbie movie and not have a nod to Aqua’s “Barbie Girl.” It has to be in there.’ And [Greta] was like, ‘Don’t worry, we’re going to find a cool way to incorporate it.'”

Welp, her wish was granted … because Mark Ronson — the EP of the “Barbie” soundtrack — included Nicki and Ice’s collab on the official album … and it sounds like we’re actually going to hear it as the movie plays out on screen. We’re already hearing it in some promos.

It’s interesting … a lot of people assumed Nicki and Ice might’ve been in coordination with Warner Bros. for their single — but it doesn’t sound like that’s what was going on … they were coming together independently, and Margot made their fortunes align. It’s kismet!

The team-up is even more significant when you consider the creators of “Barbie Girl” — the iconic ’90s song by Aqua — were in a years-long legal feud with Mattel over their hit. The dust has settled on that … and it seems the brand’s honchos are ready to turn the page.

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We must say … all the “Barbie” PR has been spot-on, and all the rage going back almost a year now. This movie is kinda all anyone’s talking about as far as summer blockbusters go … which is funny seeing how a Christopher Nolan movie is coming out the same weekend.

Barbie's Malibu Dreamhouse Gets Pink Paint Job Ahead Of Airbnb Listing

No one’s really talking about that film though … it’s all pink dresses, flowery shoes and bright colorful scenery, it seems.

It also doesn’t hurt that Barbie has her foot in real estate, which has jumped off the toy rack and into real life. Airbnb has launched a Malibu Barbie listing … but made it all about Ken.

Ken's Dreamhouse Airbnb

This movie is such a phenomenon … that even TIME Magazine is in on it. They featured Margot and a bunch of the other actresses on their latest cover. C’mon Barbie, let’s go party.

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