Nadia Sawalha: Loose Women star shares ‘warning’ with before and after underwear snaps

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Loose Women panelist Nadia Sawalha shared a very candid post on Instagram last night and urged her followers to “dare to bare”. The 55-year-old TV star showcased her curvaceous figure in her underwear to show the difference lighting can make to a photograph and added a “cellulite warning” to the post.

Mum-of-two Nadia, wanted to show her 275,000 followers, the reality behind some seemingly perfect uploads.

Inspired by fellow social media users who encourage body confidence, the TV star highlighted the power of good lighting and a more flattering pose.

She was pictured in a black and white tropical print bra and briefs which showed her body in what she said was a “warts and all” fashion.

Nadia admitted that she continues to work at being more accepting her body.

Her lengthy post read: “WARNING. WOMAN SHOWING CELLULITE!!”

“Check out @danaemercer brilliantly honest insta versus real life pics showing how the difference of light and pose can change everything about the way we look !

She was my inspiration for doing these pics… “

The ITV star went on to say: “Honestly, all I did was change the lighting and the pose and look at the difference!! All taken within minutes of each other!”

“It’s all smoke and mirrors,” she added before admitting: “I would do anything to have the years back that I wasted obsessing about my ‘flaws’ the only thing that was actually flawed was my ‘stinking thinking‘.”

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In her candid post, Nadia continued: “I work everyday at being more accepting of my beautiful warts and all body.

“It is what it is, and I love it for being in good health (fingers crossed) and for birthing my babies.”

“Dare to bare girls!!” she encouraged her followers.

“It feels so good when you do. And you will honestly be at a loss as to why you didn’t do it sooner!!! … #bodyconfidencecoach #bodyacceptance #instavsreality.”


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Instagram followers, fans and a few famous faces took to the comments section to share their thoughts.

Nadia’s Loose Women co-star Denise Welch joked: “That twisted bra strap is shocking. Sort yourself out!!! You’re amazing Nadia Sawalha.”

“Light or no light your body confidence is inspiring,” wrote one fan.

Another social media added: “Love love love how real you are, thank you from every insecure woman/teenage girl in the world. Such a massive breath of fresh air xxx.”

A third emotional fan said: “This made me cry..I’m struggling so much with my weight and body issues after gaining 3stone due to pneumonia recovery…Thank you. I needed this’re bloody FABULOUS.”

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