Nick Cannon on child support: They can have whatever they ask for

Yesterday I covered a story about Bre Tiesi, who has an 11-month-old son with Nick Cannon, Legendary Love. Nick has eleven children by six women, so naturally there’s curiosity about how he provides for all his children. On a new episode of Selling Sunset, Bre said that Nick had too many children for the courts to order him to pay child support. Then a lawyer who represents Bre released a statement fact-checking what Bre had said. I don’t know who told Bre that there was some kind of cutoff of legal obligation after someone has ten kids. In California, it doesn’t matter how many children someone has, they’re still obligated to pay child support. Now I think I know why Bre has lawyered up. In a recent episode of The Jason Lee Podcast, Nick described his child support arrangements with the moms as a free-for-all. He’s also claiming that there’s no government or court involvement.

Appearing on Jason Lee’s podcast earlier this month, [Nick Cannon], 42, was asked about how he protects his assets in co-parenting with the moms of his kids.

“I don’t care about that stuff. I believe true currency is your energy. I wish I could make a contract, ‘You cannot take this much of my energy when you leave,’” he shared.

“Money comes and goes. I always tell people, ‘Money don’t make you happy. Happy makes you money,’” he continued. “So I’m always going to be good, and every dollar that I make is for my family.”

When it comes to financially supporting his kids, Cannon explained he’s “not in the child support system that is run by the government.”

“My money is they money, they money is my money. They can have whatever they want, whatever they ask for. My account is their account, and there’s a lot in there, so we ain’t gon’ run out,” he leveled.

[From People]

My money is their money, and their money is my money? He makes it sound like there’s one bank account for everyone. I’m sure that’s not how it actually is, but this comes across so disorganized. I know that the child support system through the courts isn’t always fair. When my parents divorced there was some back-and-forth between them about child support that I picked up on. It was nothing major, but I learned how child support payments could be manipulated in some cases out of spite. But in a case like this, there doesn’t seem to be any accountability to make sure each kid is getting what they’re entitled to from Nick.

Maybe he really is generous with the moms, but like I’ve said before, the support could be withheld at any time if he suspects the moms are seeing other men. He can have multiple partners, but they can’t! I wish the moms would all band together to sue him for child support, honestly. Then he couldn’t threaten to withhold support or play favorites with people. But he seems to like this arrangement, where his partners are competing for his attention and his time and yes, his money. It reminds me a little bit of how Hugh Hefner was with his group of girlfriends in the early 2000s. At one point he had seven live-in girlfriends. Hef liked to feel like a bunch of women were fighting over him. The particulars are different here, because there are kids involved, but I think Nick likes that feeling, too.

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