Nicki Minaj's Husband Sues to Get Name Off NY Sex Offender Registry

Nicki Minaj‘s husband, Kenneth Petty, says having his name on New York’s Sex Offender Registry has caused him a lot of problems, and the worst part is he never got his day in court to challenge it … according to new legal docs.

Petty’s suing the State of New York and its Criminal Justice Services division to have his name removed from the sex offender’s registry, because he claims he never got notice of a hearing about it back in October 2004 while he was incarcerated.

According to the legal docs, obtained by TMZ … the hearing offered an opportunity to challenge the risk level assigned to him — he was categorized as a level 2 sex offender at the time — but problem is, Petty claims he never actually got notice of it.

Petty claims the notice of the hearing was sent to an address where he didn’t live — because he was in prison at the time — and alleges the “Kenny Petty” signature on the bottom is a forgery.

Petty claims whoever did it also answered that he would not be attending the hearing. So, according to the new suit, Petty claims he never got his constitutional right to due process to challenge the risk level assigned to him.

Because of this, Petty claims he’s suffered humiliation and financial loss — as well as being arrested last year for failing to register as a sex offender — and he now wants his name removed from NY’s sex offenders list.

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