Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev Say They're Going to Therapy with a Life Coach After ‘DWTS’ Ends

Nikki Bella opened up about her relationship with fiancé Artem Chigvintsev, and said they plan to attend therapy together as soon as Dancing with the Stars ends. Speaking to Us Weekly, Nikki explained that Artem’s job as a professional dancer on the show (which causes him to spend a lot of time away from home) has put a strain on their relationship.

“I would be lying to say, ‘Oh, it’s great.’ It has definitely been a struggle for us,” she said. “It’s hard. We have so many ups and downs. It’s been so difficult on our relationship because I need so much from him, but he’s, like, torn between his job that requires so much from him and then us at home.”

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Apparently, Nikki ended up speaking to Artem about needing more time with him, explaining to Us Weekly “I just told him, like, ‘I need more attention from you,’ and adding that they plan to do therapy with a life coach. “After Dancing, we’re going to start classes as a couple because we’ve realized that we both feel like we’re not listening to each other,” she said. “We finally both just said, like, ‘We need to bring someone in to help us so we don’t get [back] into that place.’”

As a reminder, Nikki and Artem started dating in December 2018, got engaged about a year later, and welcomed their adorable son Matteo in July 2020!

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