No More Lies! James Charles Posts New Response Video To Tati Westbrook — Watch HERE!

James Charles is responding… again!

The ongoing drama between the makeup maven and former BFF/Sugar Bear Hair competitor and fellow YouTuber Tati Westbrook has taken yet another turn in the last 24 hours, starting with Tati’s own Why I Did It response video published on Friday that attempted to try to make sense of the entire situation.

Now, James has responded himself with another new video of his own entitled No More Lies, in which he attempts to provide receipts and account for pretty much every single piece of the drama to make things right in the YouTube community.

You can watch the forty one and one-half minutes of Charles’ receipts and explanations (below):

In the video, James attempts to clap back at several of Tati’s claims in both of her videos, as well as the claims of others, like Jeffree Star, while also accounting for some of his past actions both sexually/romantically and business-wise.

Charles goes very deep on the whole thing, posting screenshots of text messages, DMs, and other receipts in an attempt to legitimize his case and clear up some of what he saw as fake news and phony stories floating around on social media and elsewhere. He also frequently cuts in clips of Star and Westbrook’s social media videos and more to help make his points — it’s clearly a very highly, tightly edited video with a lot of evidence made in James’ favor, and far more than a knee-jerk emotional clap back done in one take.

Whatever side you may be on here (or if you’re just an observer to the whole thing like we are), it’s definitely an interesting view into James Charles’ extensive social media world, and all the drama and high stakes controversies therein. Who knows if it’ll ultimately solve anything, though.

Well, there you have it, Perezcious readers! So much drama in the YouTube beauty and makeup community — and it seriously seems like it never ends!!! What do U think about all of this?!

Has James Charles redeemed himself well enough to regain some of his audience’s trust now that he’s provided the receipts?! Or is Tati still the queen for initially calling him out and taking him down a notch or two in the last couple weeks??

We want to hear what U think!! Sound OFF about all of it and more in the comments (below)!!!

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