‘Only took you two years’ A Place in the Sun’s Lee Juggernauth reveals he lost out on show

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Lee Juggernauth, 35, has revealed exclusively to Express.co.uk that he actually auditioned for A Place in the Sun nearly three years ago. However, he did not get the role, losing out to his now colleague Jean Johansson. 

Only took you two years!

Lee Juggernauth

Jean has been a staple on A Place in the Sun since she started on the show in 2018, with Lee interviewing for the role when Jean was hired. 

He said: “A Place in the Sun was something that came in, I suppose at the right time.

“I actually auditioned for the show three years ago now, maybe even a bit longer. 

“I got quite far, I think but it was between me and Jean and I think she got the role, well we know she did!” 

He was not forgotten about however, with A Place in the Sun keeping him in mind a few years later. 

Lee continued: “My mum’s always said that what’s meant for you won’t pass you and obviously at the time I was massively disappointed I didn’t get it. 

“But you kind of put a step forward and you just kind of move on doing other things at the same time. 

“Then two years later they called me and they said, you know, we haven’t stopped thinking about you. Would you like to join the team? 

“I was like yes! Only took you two years to figure that out didn’t it!” 

Lee commented how it wasn’t a short process getting the role, with all together it taking around three years. 

As well as presenting Lee is involved in the music industry, being told from a young age by his mother to have investment in different places. 

He added: “I think from a very young age, I kind of had that installed in me that I needed to kind of, you know, have investments in different places.” 

This led the presenter to invest in property when he was around 20, gathering a deposit together, and eventually finishing with a student house in Reading. 

Lee said: “I just kind of self taught myself really and then every time I had a little bit of money to just invest I just put that away and then put that into property, making a lot of mistakes along the way. 

“But I also learnt a lot at the same time.” 

Lee started on A Place in the Sun just before Covid, making the filming of episodes very hard for him and the team. 

However, once restrictions eased in April Lee has been non stop filming for upcoming episodes. 

Today Lee is heading to Torrevieja to find a property for married couple Mark and Karen who are looking to enjoy an early retirement in Spain. 

The pair have a budget of £150,000 with Lee showing them five fantastic properties. Will Lee be able to persuade Mark and Karen to part with their hard earned cash? 

You can watch A Place in the Sun today at 4pm on Channel 4. 

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