Piers Morgan: GMB host says recovering dad found a ‘rare positive’ in 10-week Covid fight

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Piers Morgan, 55, revealed that both his mum and step-dad have almost recovered from their “nasty bouts” of coronavirus that they contracted last year. Back in November, the Good Morning Britain presenter announced that his elderly parents tested positive for the illness after it was passed onto them from a member of their support bubble.

But he has extracted a rare positive from ‘long Covid’

Piers Morgan

At the time, he told his Twitter followers and GMB viewers that his mother and step-father, Gabrielle and Glynne Pughe-Morgan who are in their “mid to late seventies”, fought the disease over the course of a “scary” fortnight.

But in his most recent MailOnline column, the ITV host explained his dad was still without his sense of taste or smell, an important symptom that alerted many they may have contracted the virus during the height of the pandemic.

“My parents are now recovered from their nasty bouts of coronavirus back in November. Well, almost,” he wrote.

“My dad still hasn’t got back his sense of taste or smell, ten weeks later.”

But every cloud has a silver lining and for Piers’ dad it was a quite a brilliant one.

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Piers continued: “But he has extracted a rare positive from ‘long Covid’.

“‘I can drink £3 bottles of wine and pretend it’s Chateau Latour ’61,'” he recalled his father saying.

“‘The experience is exactly the same!’”

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Piers has been very vocal about his opinions on the severity of the worldwide crisis.

And it’s safe to say, like many, he was really worried when he received the terrifying news his parents had come down with the illness.

Speaking on GMB the morning after, Piers said: “I’d like to say something to my parents, they are both battling COVID and have been for two weeks and it’s a scary thing for a family…

“When your elderly parents are fighting it, they are both in their mid to late 70s, and they got it two weeks ago from someone in their bubble and they had to go out and they were very sensible but got the virus and then bang it was like dominoes.”

Piers’ biological father Eamonn Vincent O’Meara, died in a road accident when Piers was 11-months old, and he took on his step-dad’s surname when his mother remarried.

Elsewhere, Piers is no stranger to being the “bad guy” when it comes to speaking his mind, and he recently came under fire from runners on Twitter, after his comments on last week’s GMB seemed not to go down too well.

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The presenter revealed on-air he believes runners should be taking specific steps to help make others feel safer outside, branding them “unbelievably selfish” as they “spit” all over everyone when running down busy streets.

Asking them to stop “spitting” and “breathing heavily” on passers by, a user on Twitter hit out at the ITV host, offended by his words.

“Back when we still ran actual races,” they wrote, alongside a photo of them holding a winning medal.

“Now, us runners have to spend our days spitting on people and breathing heavily in large groups. Oh no wait, that’s just what @piersmorgan @GMB says.

“Running alone and local is how we do it during lockdown – SAFELY. #peacocking #flanci.”

Many agreed with the user that Piers’ comments had “angered” them and claimed it was “unfair” for him to put all the blame on runners alone.

But as usual, Piers was quick to reply to the backlash, snapping: “I’ve no problem with runners (my wife’s an avid one) until they run along high streets with no masks during a pandemic, spewing spittle over the rest of us.

“In fact, I’ve never understood why runners use high streets other than to show off & annoy everyone,” he retorted, only to be met by more backlash.

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