Prince William & Kate Middleton Share Heartfelt Christmas Message: 'Wishing For A Better 2021'

Here’s hoping we all have a much better 2021 than what we collectively went through in 2020!

That’s the hope and wish that Prince William and Kate Middleton are trying to put out into the world now thanks to their heartfelt Christmas message broadcast across social media on Friday. Of course, it follows Queen Elizabeth‘s own Christmas address to the world, as well. So much royal activity this week!

For the Duke and Duchess of CambridgeTwitter and Instagram were the tools of choice to send their message of hope and love around the world. On Twitter, the couple shared holidays pics of UK residents helping others amid this year’s pandemic, and added a special message for all those helpers and frontline workers this holiday season:

“This Christmas our thoughts are with those of you who are spending today alone, those of you who are mourning the loss of a loved one, and those of you on the frontline who are still mustering the energy to put your own lives on hold to look after the rest of us.”

Love it!

Here’s the tweet they sent, in full, with pics included (below):

And on Instagram, the couple’s official account shared a similar message but added one more note to it, concluding:

“Wishing a merry Christmas doesn’t feel right this year, so instead we’re wishing for a better 2021.”

Amen to that!

Here is their full Instagram post, including that series of inspirational pics of Britons helping each other during such trying times (below):

A post shared by Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (@kensingtonroyal)

Inspiring and optimistic! And truly stronger together!!

The couple also helpfully shared a series of UK-based mental health and help organizations in case those online needed assistance at any point during what’s become a particularly tough holiday.

Of course, the United Kingdom is going through a serious Tier 4 lockdown across most of the country right now, which bans all households from mixing with others, and aims to prevent overnight stays away from home. That’s a particularly tough thing to have happen during the Christmas holiday, of course, but officials are hoping this will help cut down on the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Here’s hoping everything improves steadily in 2021 — for those in the United Kingdom, those of us here in the United States, and everybody all over the rest of the world.

Tough times all around, y’all. But remember, we are in this together! And eventually, we’ll get through it together!

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