Ruth Langsford sets record straight on Eamonn Holmes’ habit after Gogglebox fib

Loose Women: Ruth sets record straight over purple Gogglebox sofa

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Ruth Langsford, 61, and Eamonn Holmes, 61, often discuss their personal life on-air when they’re presenting This Morning, and they both not afraid to have a little spat every now and again in front of their audience. This time, Eamonn found himself under fire from his wife on Loose Women as they sat side by side, after Ruth took aim at his habit of pretending he didn’t have a say in choosing certain house interiors after he goes off them.

I can promise you 100%, I will stand in a court of law and swear to you that we chose that purple sofa together!

Ruth Langsford

Using their bright purple sofa as an example, Ruth directed her attention at her husband while chatting with Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash on Wednesday’s show, about the impact home renovations can have on relationships.

“When you decide you don’t like something that we’ve chosen together, he’ll just tell everybody, ‘Oh, I don’t have a say in that. Ruth’s chosen that, it’s awful,'” she described Eamonn’s habit of telling porkies.

“Including our purple sofa – if you watch us on Gogglebox you’ll see our purple sofa.

“I can promise you 100%, I will stand in a court of law and swear to you that we chose that purple sofa together!” she exclaimed, hand on heart.

Adding to her case, Ruth insisted she could go back to the exact shop and sales person who sold them the couch to prove her point.

“Eamonn suddenly went off it and told everybody who would listen that, ‘I hate that, she chose that, I didn’t have anything to do with it!'”

But worrying about some of their home interior choices isn’t at the forefront of their minds right now, after Eamonn has spent the past six weeks in “crippling” chronic pain.

The sensation has become so bad that he has been forced to use crutches to help him walk after suffering three slipped discs in his back.

Ruth confessed she didn’t like seeing her husband suffering and felt “helpless”.

“It’s very difficult seeing him in pain, you feel helpless actually,” Ruth told the Loose Women panel.

Eamonn added: “I’ve had to come on with a crutch today, that’s the way I am at the minute, it’s pretty bad.

“I’m having steroid injections and hopefully I’ll be on the mend soon.”

The broadcaster had previously opened up about struggling to sleep through the night and added he was surprised to see others also suffer with insomnia due to chronic pain.

Eamonn remarked: “I couldn’t sleep at night while Ruth was sound asleep, honestly it was awful, trying to sleep was awful.

“But we’re six weeks down the road now and I’ve got the injections which has taken away the acute pain and I can sleep and that is a blessing, absolutely great.

“But the physicality of not being able to walk straight, but I’m going to embark on a whole rehabilitation programme, I’ll get fit, I’ll get strong, but it will take a while.”

During a later discussion, Eamonn revealed that he doesn’t know how he managed to slip the discs his back, revealing that he’s been told it’s apparently his fault.

“I think it’s the fault of the people who design chairs, who design cars,” he quipped.

“There’s so many things, you get beds that are practically on the floor or too high.

“You get to an age where you think, ‘Who designed this sofa?’ because I really do think people have a lot to answer for.

“These things are [meant to be] moulded to your body, most chairs and sofas are far too low, most cars are impossible to get into.”

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