Ryan Reynolds’ Youngest Daughter Inez Relates More to Villains, He Says!

Ryan Reynolds stops by Good Morning America on Thursday (May 2) in New York City to discuss his new movie Detective Pikachu.

While on the morning show, Ryan spoke about his two daughters with Blake Lively, James, 4, and Inez, 2.

“My daughter James is losing her mind over [Detective Pikachu]….She’s never been interested in a movie I’ve done ever,” Ryan explained. “She’s four, and then my daughter Ines is two…and she tends to relate more to villains. We took our kids to the Nutcracker and there’s a moment in the beginning where the kid takes the toy and smashes it to the ground and everyone gasps in the audience.”

Ryan continued, “My daughter was just like [slow clap]….She just loves villains! I’m surprised she’s not selling hand-rolled cigarettes in her pre-school.”

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