Sarah Ferguson thanks fans for support as she breaks silence after cancer diagnosis

Sarah Ferguson has thanked fans for their support after it was announced she’d undergone a "successful" operation after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

A spokesperson for the Duchess of York, 63, confirmed that the royal had undergone the operation after cancer was detected during a recent routine mammogram, which allowed for "early detection".

Taking to Instagram in her first public post since the announcement, Sarah thanked fans for their kindness in a sweet post.

The Duchess shared a photo of a purple flower, which had text written over it reading: "Thank you so much for your kindness and support".

She didn't add a further caption, but many of her followers left messages of support in the comments section.

One person wrote: “Wishing you health with a speedy recovery and much happiness. You’re a beautiful lady.”

Another person wrote: “Sending you all my love”, while another added: “Praying for your speedy recovery”.

The Duchess previously revealed that she almost hadn't gone for her check-up, but her sister convinced her to go.

Discussing this on her podcast Tea Talks with the Duchess & Sarah, which she co-hosts with businesswoman Sarah Jane Thomson, Sarah explained how she had been scheduled for a routine check-up, but that it was "hot day" and she "didn't feel like going into London" when her elder sister Jane, who lives in Australia phoned her up.

Quipping that she always does what her sister says as she gets "so cranky", Sarah recalled that Jane called her to tell her to go and see a friend of theirs but that the conversation then turned to the check-up.

She said: "Well while I'm there I'll go see your friend I could then go and get my mammogram, to which she got even crosser with me, and she was right so thank you, Jane."

Describing what was seen on her mammogram as a "shadow" Sarah credits the NHS's new technology with the early detection of her breast cancer, adding that without this they may not have found it in time.

After her check-up Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer, for which she has since undergone surgery. Following this a spokesperson confirmed to OK! that this had been a success.

They said: "Sarah, Duchess of York was recently diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer detected at a routine mammogram screening. She was advised she needed to undergo surgery which has taken place successfully.

"The Duchess is receiving the best medical care and her doctors have told her that the prognosis is good. She is now recuperating with her family.

"The Duchess wants to express her immense gratitude to all the medical staff who have supported her in recent days.

"She is also hugely thankful to the staff involved in the mammogram which identified her illness, which was otherwise symptom-free, and believes her experience underlines the importance of regular screening."

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