Shirley Ballas doctor says she needs scans on all organs after viewers spot ‘lump’

Shirley Ballashas revealed that she needs to undergo more medical examinations after Strictly Come Dancing viewersspotted a lump on her arm.

The 61 year old assured fans that she would go to the doctors to have it checked out, and thanked everyone for their concerns.

Shirley has since been found to have abnormal hormone levels, leading to doctors wanting her to have a full organ scan.

While it would be easy to be overcome with worry, the professional dancer said she’s trying not to focus on it all too much and to take each day at a time.

She explained to The Sun: “I try to not to focus on that (health worries) because it’s easy for me to go down a dark route.

“I don’t have enough information yet, so I just keep trundling forward.

“That’s how I coped when I had my last cancer scare — it comes from my mum, who is very stoic about everything.

“I’m so busy with Strictly, my day job as a dance coach, my mum, Audrey. Everything is so busy.”

Shirley added that her doctor was “mortified” by her results. She also said that she’s been suffering with insomnia and fatigue “for months”.

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The Strictly judge said: “I’ve learned through having counselling that I have a very strong ‘on’ button, so if I suddenly have to do something on TV I can do it. I’m trained to do that.

“But when the lights go down, and it’s ‘Where is that off button?’ I do feel a little bit dark and lonely, and I do tend to worry.

"So for me it’s a case of keep busy, keep busy, keep moving.

“But, of course, your health is always a concern. My NHS doctor is very good, so the fact that she is concerned makes me concerned — and she was mortified by my results.

“She said I have the highest testosterone levels she’s ever seen in a woman, and testosterone can wreak havoc on the female organs.”

Her doctor has now advised she undergoes an urgent scan of all of her organs at King’s College, London.

In light of Strictly viewers’ worries earlier this month, Shirley wasn’t found to actually have a lump, but her medical consultation led to her doctor advising that she underwent more tests.

The 61 year old’sblood work results later came back and were found to be “a little concerning”.

Shirley explained in an Instagram post at the time: "So blood work back. A little concerning so dr is making an appointment at kings to check certain odd things happening in my body I won’t go into the details at the moment.

"Any way to each and every one of you who started me on this road thank you so much. I’ll keep you all updated each and every one of you. Remember health is wealth so I’ll be on top of these issues for the time being. With gratitude to you all. #health #gratitude."

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