Shirtless Kumail Nanjiani Recreates Iconic Movie Scenes

Kumail Nanjiani is showing off his buff bod while recreating iconic moments in movie history!

The 42-year-old stand-up comedian and The Eternals actor got shirtless while recreating shots from The Wolverine, Die Hard, and more for Men’s Health‘s April issue, on stands March 17. Here’s what he had to share with the mag:

On becoming part of the Marvel universe like fellow comedians Chris Pratt and Paul Rudd, which included turning down supporting parts in other comic-book projects: “It was a pipe dream, but I was very strategic about it. I was like, ‘I don’t want to be just part of the Marvel movie; I want to be a Marvel superhero.’”

On changing his directive from “leave your body” to “chase the pain” in order to make it through the training: “I had to change my relationship to pain. You’re so designed to avoid it, but in that situation you really have to be okay with it. You have to want it. It’s almost trying to rewire your brain.”

Kumail’s wife Emily V. Gordon on reactions after Kumail shared photos of his new body with the world: “Half the messages I got that day were from people being like, ‘Hey, I want to have sex with your husband, and the other half were from people making sure I was okay with my husband’s naked body being everywhere. It took a very private thing from our lives and made it incredibly public. And all I could be was really proud, because he looked amazing.”

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