Tamera Mowry and her twin sister, Tia, haven’t seen each other in 6 months

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Tamera Mowry and her identical twin sister, Tia, have been joined at the hip since, well in vitro. They became household names when they starred in their 90s sitcom, Sister Sister. Tia recently opened up about how she and Tamera were told they couldn’t be on the cover of a teen magazine at the height of their show because they were Black. Tia and Tamera also celebrated Sister Sister landing in th etop 40 Nielsen Rating for the most streamed shows on Netflix.

Tia and Tamera are super close, but the two have not been able to see each other in person for six months. Rona has made it quite difficult for families to be with each other and this can feel quite isolating. Tamera did a new interview with People in which she said that she thinks she and her sister will cry when they see each other for the first time. In the mean time they have happy hour Zoom dates every other week.

“I live in Napa and then there was a surge in L.A., and right when we were actually going to head up there, there was a surge in L.A. and it wasn’t wise for all of us to go there,” Tamera, 42, explained. “We were going to meet up, [Tia’s] working on Family Reunion and the time, it didn’t work. But I know for a fact when we see each other we’re just, we’re gonna cry.”

“Every two weeks, we Zoom each other and we have happy hour,” the mother of two shared. “We have a glass of wine, we talk about what’s been happening.”

While Tamera said that she and Tia “text almost every other day,” there’s “something about visually seeing your loved one, but there’s something even better, obviously, just the human connection and touch – and hug and I just I can’t wait to do that.”

Ahead of World Mental Health Day on Saturday, Tamera recently told PEOPLE that exercise has helped keep her spirits up during the ongoing pandemic.

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As an only child I can’t honestly say that I relate. Also being a fully fledged introvert, I have fully embraced this down time. I just love the silence. With that being said, many people have lost their lives to the virus and most have died alone without family or loved ones there to comfort them. So I empathize with Tia and Tamera missing each other and the rest of the world missing their loved ones as we grapple with this.

My mom is a twin and she and her sister meet face to face once a month. But they both shelter in place and take necessary precautions before and during their meetups. My mom is very extroverted so the pandemic has been hard for her. And like Stevie Nicks said earlier last week it feels as if the last of their younger years are being stolen from them as my mom and her twin are in their 60s.

Hopefully, we will have a vaccine for the virus by the end of next year and this will allow for people to finally gather with loved ones. And I hope Tamera and Tia will be able to see each other soon. It must be hard being apart from your other half but I am sure they will have so much more to catch up on when they do meet face to face.

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The faces of #quarantine 😜

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The faces of #quarantine 😜

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