Tati Westbrook Announces YouTube Hiatus After Canceling James Charles

Last week, beauty vlogger Tati Westbrook savagely canceled controversial YouTube star James Charles.

Now, she has announced that she is taking a short hiatus from making new videos.

After all of the drama, she just needs a break.

“There won’t be a video tomorrow,” Tati Westbrook announced on Twitter.

(Side note, wouldn’t she make the most amazing Michelle Bachmann impersonator? Not that Bachmann is culturally relevant anymore, but still)

“My heart is still too heavy,” she explained.

Tati added: “I feel like I need to remind you that we can hold truth & inspire change without grabbing onto hate.”

It sounds like she’s suggesting that she didn’t cancel James out of spite.

“Honor your blessings,” Tati advised her fans and followers on Twitter. “Don’t abuse them.”

“Celebrating pain will only bring it to your door,” she suggested.

In other words, maybe those delighting in watching James Charles lose millions of followers should dial down the schadenfreude.

“Love you guys,” Tati concluded. “See you soon.”

So we shouldn’t expect it to be a lengthy hiatus, at least.

“That’s a grown woman and professional response right there. Lots of respect” Marlena Stell

“take all the time you need, you deserve to be fully healed and feel all the happiness you deserve. i cant express how much you mean to me & the impact you’ve had on my life. thank you for being you”

In March of 2018, Tati launched her own supplement company, Halo Beauty.

One of her products is hair gummies, which are intended to contain nutrients that boost your hair health.

However, her alleged friend James Charles, who just one week ago was the most followed beauty vlogger on YouTube, endorsed another gummy brand.

Now, he did explain that he did so because that brand’s security personnel helped him out of a tight spot at Coachella this year.

But Tati felt more than slighted — she felt betrayed.

So, last Friday, she uploaded a 40-minute callout video to YouTube.

In the video, she dragged James Charles’ name through the mud.

She spoke about what she described as a pattern of alarming behavior from James.

Tati expressed that she believed that James’ fame and fortune had corrupted him.

At just 19, she said that he appeared to be a different person than the one whom she had befriended and supported years earlier.

Most alarming of all, Tati said that James had used his fame and influence to try to strongarm straight men into sleeping with him.

This has spawned a lot of debate, as a couple of the men to whom she referred have come forward.

Based upon their statements, it sounds like James was pushy and, in DMs, seemed unwilling to accept “no” for an answer.

He flirted with and made out with a waiter named Sam who ultimately told him that he wasn’t interested, but James allegedly insisted that the guy was bi.

And a model named Gage Gomez says that James invited and disinvited him from Coachella, an event that could really help his career.

James has also been accused of racist and transphobic statements for years, so many considered his cancelation long, long overdue.

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