The Cambridges will join the Queen at Balmoral for a summer holiday next month

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge really have NOT worked like Top CEOs this summer. They never do, but it’s especially evident every summer (and every winter, every spring and every autumn). If these were normal times, Will and Kate would have done a flurry of events in June, then made a couple of appearances at Wimbledon in July, and then we wouldn’t see much of them until October. They genuinely believe that’s the CEO-style, to go dark for nearly three full months every year. So during pandemic times, there’s no real difference – their Zoom Call Era is apparently over, and we’re in the Maskless Social Distancing Era of Top-CEOing. Which means that the “bespoke charity fund” photos will probably be the last we see of them this summer. They’re headed to Balmoral, same as the Queen.

The Queen will be going on her annual summer trip to Balmoral Castle in Scotland – and it’s set to be extra special this year as Kate Middleton, Prince William and their three kids will also join, according to a royal expert. Vanity Fair’s Katie Nicholl said that Prince Charles, 71, is “looking forward” to spending time with the Cambridges during a “family holiday” in Scotland in August after 5 months apart. She wrote: “Prince Charles will be on engagements in the south west of the country on George’s birthday, but is looking forward to spending time with all his grandchildren when the Cambridges head to Scotland for a family holiday next month.”

Buckingham Palace has confirmed the Queen and Prince Philip will head to Aberdeenshire in ‘early August’. The Queen, 94, and Duke, 99, have been self-isolating in Windsor Castle since March, but are now set to travel to Scotland next month.

Royal sources say the Queen will leave around August 1 by helicopter, when Covid restrictions on the over-70s will be lifted and the castle can reopen to tourists.

[From The Sun]

I think it’s weird that the Queen is going to Balmoral for her summer holiday like usual, when nothing about this year has been typical. And, I mean, is the environment that different? She’ll still have people waiting on her hand and foot in Balmoral, same as Windsor Castle. And if Will and Kate and the other royals want to visit her, couldn’t they have done it at Windsor instead of trekking up to Scotland? But I guess the Cambridges were due for a holiday too, the poor sausages. They’ve been so exhausted with all of the Zoom calls and tennis and gardening in Norfolk. One must get away from it all.

Also: the Katie Nicholl-VF piece referenced by the Sun was just this piece about George’s birthday. Kate and William organized a “staycation” in Norfolk and Kate did a “tea party” for George’s birthday with a homemade cake.

Photos courtesy of KensingtonRoyal social media, Avalon Red.

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