The Walking Dead Star Speaks on “Chilling, Satisfying” Series Exit

We know you’ve likely heard this before, but this time it really is true: 

The Walking Dead will never be the same.

Not after Sunday night, not after Danai Gurira offiicially left the beloved AMC series as Michonne.

A majority of her final installment in this role centered around Michonne taking a drug-induced trip back through her past, witnessing how her life could have been radically different had she not made one choice:

Saving Andrea.

As for how she actually departed the show?

Michonne went with Virgil to an island to look for weapons.

While there, she discovered Rick’s boots in storage and found out they came from a boat which had washed ashore. Whoa, right?!?

Virgil proceeded to stay on the island and Michonne took off to look for Rick… in a storyline which will likely play out in the planned theatrical films.

Most viewers seemed pretty content with this twist, even if they’re frustrated at needing to one day pay money in a movie theater to see how this plays out.

What about Gurira, though?

“As an artist it was very satisfying,” she told Variety about the alternative history flashbacks, adding:

“But in another sense it was very chilling because it really does raise the idea of how one choice could make someone such a different person.

“She made one choice to help one woman, and that choice puts her on a journey.”

Gurira went on to praise the process and how she was involved in the her character’s concluding storyline.

“The writers came up with the whole architecture,” Guirira says. “Angela [Kang] talked me through it and then she was very generous in letting me collaborate with her on aspects of it.”

Guirira wouldn’t talk about the upcoming movie in any sort of detail when asked about it by Variety, choosing to look ahead instead of behind.

This is how she wrapped things up:

“I’m very thankful for the aspects of how [Michonne] got to evolve.

In the beginning, that person with a heart was peaking through the armor a little bit going, ‘Hey, let me out.’

Something about Andrea made her open it up a little bit, and then a little bit more and a little bit more.

She had to go through so much trial and error before she could be someone who was trusted in this group and loved in this group.

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