The Weeknd Spotted On Dates With Angelina Jolie AND Doja Cat?

Are they or aren’t they, already?!

Over the summer, we were surprised to see Angelina Jolie step out on a maybe-date with The Weeknd (real name Abel Tesfaye). We could have dismissed the unexpected pairing if it was just one hang, but weeks later they were spotted together again attending a concert together, this time with Angie’s kids in tow.

You know what they say — twice may be a coincidence, but three times is a pattern. And it seems these two have indeed fallen into a pattern together, because they were photographed having dinner together AGAIN! Not only that, but they ate at the exact same restaurant as their first “date” (Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica).

Though they arrived at the family-owned Italian eatery separately, snapped the potential couple leaving together after a two and a half hour meal. (See the photos HERE.) The outlet reported that the Oscar winner hopped in the backseat of the singer’s waiting SUV and went with him back to his Bel Air mansion.

Could this third outing be confirmation of a romance? The pair didn’t attempt to avoid the paparazzi, so they’re clearly not afraid of flaunting their relationship… whatever that may be.


On the other hand, the Blinded by the Light artist was recently photographed in another city, at another restaurant, with another woman: Doja Cat.

Last week, a source sent in a stealthy pic to gossip account DeuxMoi of the duo on what was described as “a date” in SoHo, though the insider didn’t provide any further details of the occasion.

Could either of these outings have simply been platonic? When Abel was first seen with Angie, some observers suggested it may have been a business-related meet up. The musician is making a major crossover into Hollywood with his television show The Idol, so maybe Angie is more of a mentor? But the Grammy winner has a professional relationship with Doja, too, collaborating on his In Your Eyes remix and on her track You Right, so their “date” could just as easily be business-related.

Is it possible The Weeknd is keeping his options open and playing the field with these two beautiful, successful women???

We don’t have any clear evidence that either of these dates is more romantic than the other. However, seeing that he’s been out with the Maleficent star (at least) three times in as many months, we’re inclined to believe that means something… we’re just not sure what.

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Are Angie and Abel a real item? Is he dating Doja? Or are all of these outings just a misunderstanding? A Hollywood smokescreen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments (below)!

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