These are the best new shower gels for 2019 to make you smell lovely

Shower time isn't always the most thrilling event of the day, which is why it's all about the products that will make you want to get up and use them.

Though traditional soap bars seem to be having a bit of a resurgence at the moment – thanks to their environmentally friendlier packaging – gels and creams still feel more luxurious to use and can have you walking out of your bathroom in a big fragrant cloud.

These days, even the bargain brands like Nivea and Dove are launching clever new formulas to tackle everything from pollution build-up to dry and rough skin.

Notebook's beauty team picked out five of the top new shower formulas that promise to transform your shower time and have you smelling amazing…

Dove Purifying Detox Green Clay Wash, £3.99


Beauty writer Zoe says: ‘I love the classic Dove smell, so I was thrilled with this lighter, fresher clay version. It claims to wash away pollution and toxins from the skin, and it did make me feel very fresh and clean. Huge bottle, so lasts ages too.’

Korres Neroli Iris Shower Gel, £8


Zoe says: ‘It’s a cream, but it foams like a gel, so you get the best of both worlds. The smell is really delicate and oral and lasted on my skin. It also has active aloe in it, which is said to stimulate collagen and firm the skin, so that’s a great bonus.’

Nivea Shower Clay, £2.39


Zoe says: ‘In three scents; Hibiscus & Sage, Ginger & Basil, Blue Agave & Lavender. My favourite is the ginger – the scent perks me up when I’m half asleep in my morning shower. My skin felt clean and soft afterwards, so it’s a big thumbs-up.’

Dr Hauschka Shower Cream, £12


Beauty ed Octavia says: ‘I was surprised how punchy the citrusy scent was for a cream. Lovely to use, although it doesn’t lather up, so it’s easy to apply too much. It’s cruelty-, synthetic- and mineral-oil free, and organic, so the price is fair.’

Decléor Neroli Bath & Shower Gel, £18


Octavia says : ‘For the smell alone, this would be a clear winner. Opening the lid is like walking into a fancy spa, and it makes the whole bathroom smell amazing. It just didn’t make my skin feel as clean as some of the other formulas.’

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