They switched me off Robert Webb recalls health scare when rushed to open-heart surgery

David Mitchell and Robert Webb star in 'Remain Indoors' sketch

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Robert Webb is well known as a comedian, having been one of the main stars of Peep Show. However, some might not realise he once had a stroke with death and was forced to undergo emergency heart surgery.

Robert was undergoing a routine heart check-up in 2019 when the doctors noticed something very wrong.

He was urged to undergo an emergency heart procedure after being warned his heart would otherwise fail.

Speaking in April, Robert recalled what happened to him, including how the procedure meant he was “switched” off.

The comedian explained how his emergency surgery took eight hours.

He said: “They literally switched me off. I was on a heart and lung machine, which was doing my blood and breathing for me.

“Then I had a couple of quite long nights in the high dependency unit.”

Robert also added to The Times how the worst part was the hour and a half wait when he was first diagnosed.

This was between: “The cardiologist being the third doctor in a row to put a stethoscope to my heart and make an extreme face and the doctor saying, ‘We know how to fix this’.

This is not the first time Robert has opened up about the experience.

In an interview with The One Show, he also shared how he was diagnosed.

He explained about his appointment: “It is normally just this very, ‘Look over there and cough, let’s not ask too many questions about your health’ kind of thing.

“And the doctor put his stethoscope on my heart. I was watching his face, as you do, and he kind of went…. which was not a good sign.

“He said, ‘What have you been doing about the heart murmur’ and I said, ‘What heart murmur?’

“A couple of days later I had a few tests and a cardiologist said, ‘You are not going to have a heart attack in the next fortnight but in the next two to six months this heart will fail’.

“He said it was not something you can fix with pills so that was a spot of open-heart surgery.”

Although he shared how he had recovered well during the appearance back in January.

He continued: “I am absolutely fine. I have got completely normal heart function, normal life expectancy, I am available for panto.”

The comedian is best known for his work with David Mitchell.

They’ve appeared in several shows together as well as films like Magicians.

However, alongside acting, he is also an acclaimed writer.

He released his memoir How Not to Be a Boy back in 2015 about growing up in Lincolnshire.

Robert then released his first novel Come Again last summer, which is all about a woman transported back to the age of 18.

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