Tom Brady un-retires six weeks after his retirement, will play again for the Bucs

Since I follow tennis, I pay too much attention to Andy Murray’s comeback after his 2019 hip replacement. He’s been playing well, but he’s gotten some rough draws. He’s committed to playing for a few more years though, and he’s always asked why. Why keep playing with a new hip, a history of injury when he’s almost 35 years old? His answer is basically that he thinks he would regret it if he retired, that he wants to keep playing for however long his body holds up.

I bring up Andy Murray because I think Tom Brady has experienced something similar. Tom retired in late January, saying that he didn’t want a lot of fanfare, he just thought it was time to go and spend more time with his family. That lasted six weeks. Seriously!! SIX WEEKS. Tom announced on Sunday that he’s coming back to “Tompa Bay,” and he’ll play another season with the Buccaneers.

— Tom Brady (@TomBrady) March 13, 2022

Brett Favre did this a few times too, correct? I honestly believed that Tom would stay retired, that his body had finally had enough and that he wanted to be home with Gisele and the kids. Looks like he experienced that for six weeks and ran screaming. A lot of people are making jokes about Gisele and how Tom was like “wow, I can’t spend every day at home with my wife??” But I wonder if this was something else. While Tom is one of the richest athletes in the world, you can always have more. And I’ll give Tom credit for this one thing, I think he simply enjoys playing and once he retired, he had an instant regret of “but what if I played one more season, damn.”

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