Tom Felton Does Sorting Challenge For Harry Potter 20th Anniversary, Doesnt Get Slytherin

Tom Felton is celebrating the upcoming 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter movie!

The 34-year-old actor of course starred in the series as Draco Malfoy of Slytherin.

In a new video, Tom took on the Sorting Challenge on the Harry Potter Fan Club app, and learned what house he would fit into – and it wasn’t Slytherin!

Click inside to watch and find out what he gets…

“I am Draco Malfoy in a muggle disguise,” he states in the video. “But shh, don’t tell anyone that. In celebration of the 20 year anniversary of the first film coming up, I have decided to put all rumors at rest and to actually do this.”

“Ughhh, really?!” he exclaims after finding out his house. “I’m not in Slytherin. I’m a Gryffindor.”

LOL! Check out the video below!

Draco‘s former co-star Josh Herdman, who played Draco Malfoy’s sidekick Gregory Goyle, commented on Tom‘s post and said that he also got Gryffindor!

Other Harry Potter stars that have taken the test include Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) and Alfred Enoch (Dean Thomas), who both got Gryffindor as well, just like their characters. Warwick Davis, who played Professor Flitwick got Ravenclaw, as did Harry Potter fan Jordan Fisher.

Download the Harry Potter Fan Club app now and find out what house you get sorted into!

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