Vroom’s Super Bowl 2021 Commercial Shows How Buying a Car Can Be Painless!

Buying a car at a dealership gets the horror movie treatment in the new Vroom 2021 Super Bowl commercial!

The ad opens with a hostage situation at a car dealership, with a car salesman with a pair of jumper cables walking slowly towards a customer restrained in a chair.

The salesman asks if he’s going to buy the car, the customer responds, “Please… If I could just go home and discuss things with my wife. I’ve been here all weekend.”

“You can leave anytime you want,” the car salesman laughs, before sparking the jumper cables threateningly.

When the salesman lunges at him with the cables, the hostage leans away and his chair swings towards the ground.

The commercial then cuts to the hostage sitting at home on his lawn next to his wife while his new car is delivered. As he watches it be driven off the back of the truck, he remarks, “Wow, that was painless.”

Watch the full video below!

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