Warwick Davis opens up on being replaced by actress Sally Lindsay on ITV quiz show Tenable

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Warwick Davis is well known as the much-loved presenter of the ITV game show Tenable. However, in an exclusive chat with Express.co.uk, the actor explained why he’s been absent from the show and what he thinks of his replacement.

Since it began in 2016, viewers have loved tuning into the unique ITV quiz show Tenable.

The series sees five contestants attempting to win up to £125,000 by filling in lists of 10 items.

Warwick has been the host of the show since it first began, having been involved in developing it on ITV.

However, this year has seen the star absent from a number of episodes as his co-star Sally Lindsay stepped in.

Speaking about the reasoning behind this, he told Express.co.uk: “Sally stepped in and helped out now because I’m working on another project I can’t talk about at the moment.

“Sally helped out and stepped in recording half the series.

“It’s great because people love Tenable, the very nature of it and it was lovely to know they miss me presenting the show.

“I think Sally did a terrific job, although her puns aren’t quite as bad as mine.”

Although Warwick did admit he finds it “very flattering” how much viewers miss him when he’s not there.

He continued: “It’s interesting when you’re in the development of a show, from the very beginning like I was with Tenable, you put your stamp on it.

“I wanted it to be my show. It isn’t a straight-laced quiz show in the afternoon like the ones that already exist.

“I want this to be fun and entertaining. I will make fun of the contestants if they give me a stupid answer.

“There’s a lot of me in the show, I put my personality into the show.

“And it’s lovely to know that’s what people miss. But now that being said, I really do respect Sally for stepping in.

“Mine aren’t big shoes to fill but they’re challenging shoes to fill.”

Warwick is being kept busy with a number of exciting projects, including the Disney+ series based on his hit film Willow.

Not much is known about the series so far but it is expected to premiere next year on the streaming platform.

As well as this, Warwick recently returned for the children’s animated series Moley on Boomerang UK.

This sees him voicing the lead character alongside a host of stars like Julie Walters, Charles Dance and Gemma Arterton.

Warwick has returned for 52 episodes of the new animated series, which currently airing every night on Boomerang UK.

Moley airs daily on Boomerang UK at 5.30pm.

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