What We Know About Hannah Waddingham's Daughter, Kitty

What We Know About Hannah Waddingham’s Daughter, Kitty

Hannah Waddingham’s character, Rebecca Welton, is a fan favorite on “Ted Lasso.” Her strength, determination, and kindness are just a few of her best qualities. Although she is first painted as an antagonist due to her being out for revenge, we quickly learned that Rebecca is simply misunderstood. Waddingham, 48, has done an amazing job of showcasing Rebecca’s vulnerability, and it’s no wonder the role has helped her win multiple awards, including a 2021 Emmy for outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series.When Waddingham got up on stage to accept her award, the actor thanked the show’s cocreator and lead actor Jason Sudeikis for changing her and her daughter’s lives.

Waddingham explained how much the series impacted her family during a September 2021 appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Because her daughter, Kitty Cugnetto, had been “very ill” when she was younger, Waddingham asked the universe to help her find work closer to home so she could prioritize her responsibilities as a mother. Waddingham said that two months later, she was grateful to have heard she landed the role as Rebecca on “Ted Lasso” not only because it would be a great opportunity for her as an actor, but the role would also allow her to work just 30 minutes from home.

Clearly, family is very important to Waddingham. While she keeps Kitty away from the spotlight, we do know a few things about her, like the fact that Waddingham shares her daughter with businessman Gianluca Cugnetto, whom she was in a relationship with for more than a decade before the pair ultimately split. Keep reading to learn more about the star’s life as a mother.

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