Wild Boars Stole Shakiras Purse in Barcelona

Wild boars don’t care if you’re internationally renowned superstar Shakira. They will steal your purse.

At least that was the case earlier this year, when Shakira made the innocent mistake of hanging out in a Barcelona park with her son Milan Mebarak.

“It’s just crazy,” the singer told Glamour UK. “I got [my son] a little ice cream. We sat on one of those park benches and we were just minding our own business. And then two huge wild boars came from the back and ambushed [us] and took my purse! And I was like, ‘Oh, my God! Oh, my God!’ and screaming, because they were taking it away, with my phone in it, my car keys, everything! Like they could understand me! And people were just watching and they weren’t doing anything!”

It’s hard to say whether I, too, would have watched and done nothing about the boar thieves. Twitter also now seems to be split between two camps: the people who would have died via boar trying to save Shakira’s bag, and the people who wouldn’t have dared.

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