7 Styling Hacks For Chic Outfits That Look Way More Expensive Than They Are


6. Suit Up

Let’s be honest: even a self-proclaimed fashion obsessive is reluctant to break the bank on every purchase. In fact, true shopping expertise may very well be savviness — the ability to make even the most affordable pieces look like they’re actually superexpensive. Call it a fashion optical illusion.

There was a time when the most coveted retailers were only available in a select few countries rather than the whole interweb, and now Instagram floods our feeds with covetable new brands on the regular. Suffice it to say, our bank accounts are probably happy to hear that times have changed. With an influx of great fashion at our fingertips, and more and more moderately priced brands entering the market practically by the minute, it’s easier than ever to find what you want at a fraction of the cost.

Of course, creating a designer-caliber outfit without the steep price tag requires a little finesse. For example, you’ll want to nail the right accessories and add the perfect dose of glamour (you’ll see what we mean). Read through for seven tips on how to create expensive-looking outfits on a budget. Trust us: you’re the only one who will know the difference.

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