An Exclusive Look at How Winnie Harlow Got Ready for the 2019 Met Gala

Tommy Hilfiger created Winnie’s custom beaded gown that paid homage to her Caribbean heritage. “Being Jamaican, it was important for me to showcase my background,” she tells PEOPLE.

“For an event like the Met Gala, you basically have to block out your entire day to get ready, but that makes it really fun and glamorous,” she says.

“We started the fittings a few days before the event, but we worked on the dress with Tommy and his team since January,” the model says.

“The carnival has such a rich cultural significance as it was used to celebrate the end of slavery. Growing up around the carnival, I always loved the uber-glamourous costumes,” she shares.

“I decided to work this year with Anna Trevelyan. She was the very first stylist I worked with in the fashion industry along with Nick Knight,” Winnie says.

“She has the best energy and knows to dress you chic and sexy!”

“I think my black feather cape is so over-the-top that it might overshadow my headpiece!” she says.

“The cape was made with the most glistening jewels and crystals, just like my gown, and really makes a statement on its own. It’s the perfect final touch that makes the whole look truly feel camp,” she says.

“I enjoy a glass of champagne and call my family to get the best energy boost before heading to the Met!” she says.

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