Aquarius weekly horoscope: What your star sign has in store for October 31 – November 6


JAN 21 – FEB 18

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Old ambitions may have been on ice, and maybe for ages.

But now you are ready to revive them and see fast results. 

The key is to choose the right goals at the right time – this is Mercury’s skill, and also, all this week, yours.   

But you do need to keep your new Mars energy levels steady, with good eating
and sleeping routines. 

Passion is mysterious, green eyes flash with fun.

DESTINY DAYS: Try a new health or beauty product on Monday. 

Double-check travel plans on Thursday.  Say yes to a seasonal event on

LUCKY LINKS: A room with mirrors on three walls.  The youngest member of
a work team.  Names that start or end in “O”

AQUARIUS HOUR OF POWER: Starburst ambition is your style – lots of goals
in lots of directions. 

But selection can be your key to success — this week’s extra hour is the perfect time to start the process. 

Deep down you know what you most want – but maybe you’ve been denying it.

Perhaps because it challenges the status quo. 

If a goal is right for you, it can and should happen – once you commit to this, life moves fast.

MYSTIC MOTTO: “I face the unknown and I am not afraid any more”

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