Asda slashes Christmas Mickey Mouse plates down to £15 & shoppers are desperate to grab them

SHOPPERS have been going wild for festive Disney dinner set which has been reduced to £15 in Asda.

The 12-piece set features Mickey and Minnie Mouse under a Christmas tree on dinner plates, side plates and bowls.

An eagle-eyed shopper who spotted the deal shared a snap of the set to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, writing: "Was £40, then £25 Asda now £15 Grimsby."

Indeed, the Asda website has the set, which features four cereal bowls, side plates and winner plates originally priced at £40, although it's now sold out online.

Some eBay sellers are charging up to £80for exactly the same item.

Unsurprisingly, shoppers are excited by the bargain offer, with many people flocking to the post to comment or tag a friend.

One tagged a pal, writing, "You would love these," while another let a friend know, "This has your name all over it."

Somebody else wrote: "Might be a fight to see who can get one of these."

A third person simply put: "Take my money! I love this."

Another thanked the original poster for sharing, saying, "Just got a set for me and a friend."

But not everyone was pleased to hear of the markdown – some shoppers were gutted as they paid the original price earlier in the year.

One woman fumed: "Bloody 40 quid I paid for them in September."

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