Bride gives savage review of her bridal party – from the bridesmaid who moaned ALL day to the one who ghosted her after | The Sun

GETTING married is a day you want to remember for the first of your life, right?

Well, one woman has revealed that she remembers her wedding day, but for all of the wrong reasons.

One bride has taken to TikTok to reveal some savage claims about her bridal party – from the bridesmaid who sulked the whole day and another who ghosted her and blocked her on all social media platforms afterwards. 

The woman explained that she got married and unfortunately fell out with the majority of her bridal party – as some of them flirted with bridesmaids, moaned about the day and even made nasty comments about her hair and dress. 

The TikTok user uploaded her video with the caption ‘Weddings bring the best and worst out of some people’.

She said: “This trend but spilling the tea on our bridal party after the wedding.”

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In the video, the married mother goes through pictures of her bridal party, making savage remarks about each one. 

She explained: “She complained about everything in the build up to the wedding. Sulked all day and then we never heard from her again.

“He hooked up with two of the bridesmaids that night. We’re still friends.

“He tried to bring a girl he’d just started dating. Flirted with all the bridesmaids. Sulked and then left early. 

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“Stayed friends and then one day deleted me off her socials and never told me why.

“We’re still friends, just not as close.

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“This didn’t include the bridesmaid that didn’t make it.

The bride later took to the comments to confirm: “I had the best day but the drama that we went through was too much.

“It’s so disappointing. I literally just wanted everyone to turn up and have fun. That’s it, boy was I wrong.

“It’s so sad!!! I don’t understand what it is about weddings that do this to people. 

“I guess I can laugh about it now.”

The woman then posted a series of follow-up videos sharing more information about the day and her bridal party.

She claimed: “I learnt hard and fast that weddings bring the best and worst out of people.

“I was one of the first people in my social circle to get married so no-one else had been a bride before in this group.

“Now they’re all getting married and they’re all whinging about things. 

“I’m not a perfect friend – who is?

“I’ll start of with the girl that didn’t end up being my bridesmaid – I probably shouldn’t have chosen her, we were close at the time so that’s why I chose her but it was about four months before the wedding, we went to an event and she started getting a bit lippy.

“I got a bit too drunk and my friend witnessed her tell everyone that she doesn’t like the hair or the dress that I chose for the wedding.”

“Up to the wedding, she was getting a bit hard to handle, complaining about the dress because it wasn’t her ‘usual style’.

“I told the girls that they could choose whatever dress they wanted because I didn’t want to be a bridezilla, I just wanted a certain colour scheme.

“No-one was choosing anything so in the end I had to take matters into my own hands and choose the dresses.

“On the day when we were getting our hair and makeup down, she told me to ‘calm down’ because I was too excited and I couldn’t believe her attitude.

“She proceeded to sulk all day because she wasn’t the centre of attention.

“The guy in my husband’s bridal party that we don’t really talk to, we’re still kind of friends with but I wouldn’t say good friends, before the wedding he started acting really shady, saying he has a new girlfriend and wants to bring her.

“We were having a really small wedding and we wanted to make sure it wasn’t just a random girl.

“He ended up flirting with the bridesmaids on the day and then sulked because none of them were interested in him.

“The girl that stopped talking to me and blocked me on social media, our relationship was very up and down over the years, but I loved her like a sister.

“She was one of those people, as soon as she got a boyfriend, you would never hear from her.

“I would accommodate her so much but she was that kind of person and in hindsight I shouldn’t have had her.

“I am still grieving that friendship because I loved her so much –  I probably did something really selfish and she put her foot down and she put her foot down and deleted me.

“As I said before, no-one is perfect and when it came to my bridesmaids, I paid for their hair and makeup, I bought their jewellery, I said wear whatever shoes you want to wear, I paid for the deposit on the dresses, so I didn’t expect anything out of my bridesmaids, I just wanted them to have fun, let their head down, and be there for me”. 

One TikTok user asked the woman why she would reveal such things about her bridal party, to which she said: “I paid thousands of dollars for a photographer and for the day so if people are going to act like spoilt brats I may as well enjoy the photos and have a laugh and share it with everybody.”

TikTok users clearly enjoyed hearing gossip about the bridal party, as the woman’s video has racked up 733.6k views in just one day. 

It has 45.7k likes, 1,116 comments and 1,553 shares.

One person said: “Love this showing real life and not just sunshine n roses. It’s sad but it’s what happens sometimes so it's refreshing to see this.” 

Another added: “This is why I'm not having a bridal party”.

A third commented: “Oh I wish I could do this one – my bridal party was a joke”. 

However, other social media users wanted to hear from those mentioned and get their side of the story.

One user stated: “I need this to go viral so they can all post their reactions”. 

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Another said: “I’d love the reverse of them spilling the tea on you.”

Someone else joined in: “Usually there’s only one bridesmaid that doesn’t cooperate, not all of them… so curious why they weren’t happy”.

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