Bride left fuming as mother-in-law turns up to wedding in WHITE gown complete with a train – but insists it's 'taupe'

AFTER the bride and groom, the next most important people at any wedding are probably their parents – so it's only natural for the mums to want to pull out all the fashion stops.

But while most will either opt for an eye-catching hat or bold printed frock, this mother-in-law left guests staring for all the wrong reasons.

Proudly sharing her outfit on Facebook, the anonymous mother-in-law was pictured in a floor-length white gown complete with a suspiciously bridal jewelled neckline.

And to make matters worse, the long-sleeved dress even had a TRAIN too – something which is only ever usually reserved for brides on their big day.

Gushing about the woman's outfit, a friend wrote: "How beautiful is Susan in her full taupe ensemble to her son's wedding recently!"

Side note: if that's taupe then we're completely colour-blind.

Needless to say, it didn't take long for the photo to end up on Reddit's Wedding Shaming forum – where users blasted the woman for stealing attention away from her daughter-in-law.

Inviting others to judge the outfit, the poster wrote: "Mother-in-law in a lovely 'taupe' dress… she'd be leaving my wedding in a hearse!"

"Taupe is defined as grey / brown," one replied. "Something has got extremely lost in translation if that woman thinks the dress is either of those things."

Another added: "Not taupe and also who wears a hat that big with an floor length dress with a train?

"Screams overkill and 'Look at ME!!!!'"

Meanwhile, a third argued: "Even if it were taupe, the style of the dress, the bling, the high hat- it’s all too much.

"The point is to not upstage the bride.

"Unless the bride is wearing a $20k dress with train several yards long, this dress is going to turn heads…"

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