Celebrities who are removing their breast implants – from Bachelorette Clare Crawley to Chrissy Teigen and Tamra Judge

HOLLYWOOD has recently seen an uptick of female celebrities who are removing their breast implants, either for health reasons or simply because they don't like the look anymore.

In just the last two years, Clare Crawley, Tamra Judge, Emily Simpson, and Chrissy Teigen all shared their journey to join the itty bitty boob committee.


At the end of July, the former Bachelorette revealed she had successfully undergone surgery to remove her breast implants.

Clare was diagnosed with Breast Implant Illness after she had gone to her chiropractor, who urged her to get a mammogram after he noticed something unusual.

Claire discovered that behind one of her implants "was a huge packet of fluid.” 

After discovering she had "fluid sacks," Claire said: "My body is fighting them.

“My body can’t heal. My body is in fight mode constantly. It's depressing.

"Here's the deal. It’s all making sense. It's all coming together.”


Around the same time, Real Housewives of Orange County alum Tamra Judge revealed she had also removed hers because of "autoimmune issues."

Tamra responded on Instagram that she was exhausted from "being tired and inflamed."

Aside from the removal, the reality TV star mentioned she was "getting a lift."

This was the second time that Tamra had gotten her breast implants removed as she underwent the same procedure almost a decade ago to insert smaller implants.


Before Tamra removed her implants, former co-star Emily Simpson did the same as she aimed for a healthier lifestyle.

The star, who at that point had lost over 16 pounds, revealed she had taken out her extensions and was planning to remove her implants.

She underwent the procedure in October 2020.


Last summer, before the tragic passing of her third child Jack, Chrissy underwent explant surgery.

The mom of two had first got implants when she turned 20 because she wanted to be more voluptuous as a Sports Illustrated model.

But through the years, she admitted she was simply over them.

She said on Instagram: "They’ve been great to me for many years but I’m just over it.

"I’d like to be able to zip a dress in my size, lay on my belly with pure comfort! No biggie! So don’t worry about me! All good. I’ll still have boobs, they’ll just be pure fat. Which is all a t*t is in the first place. A dumb, miraculous bag of fat."

After her removal, she revealed she also wants to get a breast reduction.


Hugh Hefner's widow, Crystal, made the brave decision to remove her implants after she became sick in 2016.

Taking to Facebook, she revealed: "My Breast Implants Slowly Poisoned Me.

"Intolerance to foods and beverages, unexplained back pain, constant neck and shoulder pain, cognitive dysfunction (brain fog, memory loss), stunted hair growth, incapacitating fatigue, burning bladder pain, low immunity, recurring infections, and problems with my thyroid and adrenals.

"The mildest of those symptoms started a few years back. The aches, the bladder pain, brain fog, fatigue. I ignored it, labeling myself a hypochondriac, despite truly worrying that there was something wrong with me.

"I joked about losing my memory to age, and about getting 'lazy.' I began to cancel appointments and shoots because everything exhausted me. Before everything went downhill I was at the gym five days a week, and always shooting and working.

"I've had days in 2016 when I couldn't get out of bed. I’ve felt such despair knowing life was happening all around me but I couldn’t participate."


Similar to others, Ashley removed her implants in the summer of 2020 after experiencing health issues.

She said in a touching Instagram post: "Little by little I began struggling with minor health issues that just were not adding up – food sensitivities as well as gut issues that I thought could be caused by my implants. So, last winter I decided to undergo implant removal. 

"This journey has been one of growth, self-discovery, self-acceptance, and most importantly self-love.

"This picture above was taken two months after my explant surgery and I think you can tell just how happy I am to finally be fully me."


Back in 2006, Yolanda Hadid suffered a water skiing accident that caused one of her breast implants to leak throughout her body.

Following the incident, the model and RHOBH star began to feel sick and tired, and aside from the immune response to the breast implant leakage, she also got diagnosed with Lyme disease.

She said in a personal essay published on the Bravo website: "The leakage from that incident had traveled, over the years, through my body and taken a life of its own. 

"It was fascinating to learn that 2.8-3 cm silicone granulomas were found in my lymph nodes, under my clavicle bone, and deep inside my chest cavity, creating a constant immune response and a constant feeling of something that was trying to kill me from the inside out.

"Thank God I stopped listening to doctors that told me I was fine and looked beautiful, thank God my intuition was strong and dead-on, and thank God I am alive and here to state my case!"

Most recently, Yolanda admitted that she also got rid of her lip and face fillers.


Going back to 2014, Adrienne Bailon had her breast implants removed as she felt that her self-image was affected by them.

Talking about her decision to get them done when she was just 19, she said: "I wanted bigger breasts like everybody else… I went from one insecurity, about not having big breasts, to another about people thinking I had fake b***s."

Following her removal, she admitted that she got a breast lift.

"I might lift them (breasts) again after I have kids and breastfeed," she said.


After having her second child with her husband Stephen Curry in 2015, Ayesha made the rash decision to get a boob job because she hated how her body looked.

"The intention was just to have them lifted," she explained in a magazine interview.

"I got the most botched boob job on the face of the planet. They're worse now than they were before."

She only had them for four years before she removed them in 2019.

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