Cleaning fanatics are raving about Aldi’s budget Fabulosa range which is just like Zoflora – but some are confused

CONSIDER yourself a Fabulosa fan? If, like most of us, you are, then you'd better check out Aldi because there's a range available which people are obsessed with.

In fact, cleaning fanatics have been raving about the newest product in the range – the Laundry Cleanser – which some people say smells EXACTLY like another cult-favourite, Zoflora.

Despite some shoppers picking them up handfuls at a time, it seems many are confused about what the laundry cleanser actually is.

Alerting Fabulosa fans of her find, one woman shared a snap of the products in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group.

She wrote: "Anyone else managed to get there hands on the new fabulosa laundry cleanser from aldi £2.19 each and all smell amazing."

Eager to chime in, many rushed to the comments gushing over the new 'amazing scents' – Fresh Breeze, Precious Gold and Electrify.

But the 'cleanser' has many people stumped, and have questioned how it's used.

"Excuse my ignorance whats laundry cleanser?" one person asked, which prompted many others to share similar thoughts.

"So confused," another said. "Do you put it in along with detergent and fabric con or does it replace one or the other or both?"

The dreamy cleanser should be used WITH washing powder or liquid and should be added to the fabric softener drawer of the washing machine.

It's designed to kill germs on a temperature where detergents typically wouldn't.

Because of its bacteria-killing properties, many mums claim it's great for school uniforms as it won't damage the clothes while it gets to work.

The Laundry Cleanser is exclusive to Aldi, and you'd better be quick as once they’re gone, they’re gone – and may not be coming back.

According to the brand, the Laundry Cleanser eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and odours from fabrics and clothes.

Each bottle lasts up to 20 washes – but that's if you don't go overboard with it like we do.

It's just as effective in low 20 degree temperature washes too,making it good for your clothes and the environment. 

Fabulosa news

Aldi is also stocking other Fabulosa favourites in the range, including:

  • Spray & Wear (£0.99, 250ml)
  • Mini Antibacterial Spray (£0.99, 60ml)
  • Foam Freshener (£1.49, 300ml)
  • Antibacterial Spray (£0.99, 500ml) and refill 95p
  • Fab-a-Loo (£0.99, 60ml)
  • Concentrated Disinfectant (£0.99, 220ml)
  • All in One Disinfectant Spray (400ml, £1.49) 

Elsewhere, another shopper shared a snap of the massive range in her Aldi store, and said: "Aldi today … loads of different Fabulosa products."

Unsurprisingly, the post was met with thousands of likes and comments from Fabulosa-fanatics sharing their own purchases.

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And a mum almost chucks out her daughter’s filthy sandals but rubs them with washing up liquid – and the results are amazing.

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