Cleaning fanatics are using a 2p coin to help get their homes spotless & it works on everything from taps to oven trays

CLEANING fanatics are sharing how they're tackling some challenging cleaning tasks around the home with nothing more than a 2p coin.

The unlikely cleaning method seems to work on a range of household items, including crusty limescale on bathroom taps and toilets and even grease-covered oven trays.

Previously writing on the Mrs Hinch Army Cleaning Tips page, one woman explained how how she rubbed a 2p on her filthy tap to remove the crusty limescale in just seconds.

She said: "The 2p tip completely works! And not much hassle!

"To remove just literally scrape the tap with the 2p and it comes right off!

"As people have said, literally get a 2p and scrape your tap. It will chip off! Then I've wiped with a dry kitchen towel."

And the before and after photos are seriously impressive, with the Mrs Hinch fan posting an image of the tap with limescale and without.

What's more, another woman managed to rid her toilet of thick limescale after countless products didn't work – and was amazed with the results.

The cleaning fanatic shared before and after snaps to the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips – along with stomach-churning snaps of the thick limescale.

She said: “I tried absolutely everything to get this limescale out of the toilet nothing worked left all sorts over night from tips I've read here. 

“The toilet was left like this from people before us.

“Drained the water out good old 2p and a wipe down with Oust kettle descaler and a elbow grease sponge it’s now gleaming…

“I can’t believe how thick the limescale was no wonder nothing would budge it.

“No more embarrassing toilet when people visit.” 

But bathrooms aside, the clever hack works in your kitchen as well as TikTok user Lucy Dashwood demonstrated.

She shared a clip on the video-sharing platform which demonstrated how the coin can removed burnt-on grease with a little washing up liquid.

Speaking in the clip, she said: "So today's tip is how I cleaned an oven tray with burned food and dirt with the help of a 2p coin," and showed how dirty it was before the clean.

Lucy explained: "You want to scratch in all different directions, forward, backwards, sideways, all ways."

And added: "I like to give the tray a rinse every now and then just to see which areas I still have to cover."

Just 30 minutes later, the job was complete and the tray looked almost brand new.

The cleaning fan saved herself £48 by not having to buy a new tray – and people are amazed.

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