Couple transform their dingy patio with easy paint job for £30 and it looks like a whole new property

A THRIFTY couple decided to paint their patio deck and the results show you don't need to spend hundreds on redoing your patio.

The couple have a dedicated Instagram account to show-off their DIY home and garden transformation tips.

Rebecca and Jamie posted on their account, ournewhomeatno8 to demonstrate how she brought new life into her patio slabs so easily and cheaply.

In the video she shows how the patio looked before and said that the slabs were so discoloured and stained to begin with, but instead of ripping them up and putting new slabs down, Rebecca and Jamie decided to paint them.

Rebecca said the paint pot cost a measly £31 and and said they painted the area you can see in the video, the path leading up to it and the area outside the patio doors TWICE and still have half of the pot left.

Users asked which paint the couple had used to transform their patio and Rebecca said she used Sandtex Masonry Paint in the shade Plymouth Grey.

The paint is specifically used for outdoors and works great on concrete.

"If you're looking to upgrade your slabs on a budget, this is the way to do it!"

After a couple of coats of paint Rebecca mentioned in the comments that she then used sealant to go over the slabs to protect the paint.

The empty space that was there has been put to use as the couple have made a gorgeous seating are for the couple to enjoy.

Rebecca writes: "If you're looking to upgrade your slabs on a budget, this is the way to do it!"

The area looks so modern and new you wouldn't believe that the patio has only been painted.

The couple tied everything in using neutral tones of greys, creams and whites which really pull together the dark grey fence and the light, cool-toned patio.

Viewers loved the cheap hack the couple shared and many were inspired to do the same to their patio.

One user wrote: "Absolutely AMAZING!!! You make me keen to do it."

Another wrote: "Wow it looks amazing I really want to paint our tiles xx."

A third user wrote: "Big difference, looks great!"

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