Estelle on her biggest fears and the most famous person in her phone contacts

ESTELLE, 41, is a singer-songwriter known for her hit single with Kanye West, American Boy.

Here, Estelle, who currently hosts a show on Apple Music, opens up about her biggest fear and reveals the most famous celebrity in her phone contacts.

What scares you? 


What’s your favourite word?  


What is your worst habit? 

Eating too much chocolate. I have to slow down at this point in my life. 

Who would you invite to a dinner party?  

Ella Fitzgerald, because I want to know how she did those things with her voice; Mary J Blige, because I want to know how she maintains her sense of calm; and Kevin Hart, because he is really funny in real life.

Who or what is the love of your life? 


What makes you angry? 

When I see people telling themselves they can’t do something instead of actually trying it. 

All-time favourite movie? 

Love Jones.

What’s your earliest memory?

Being two or three years old and my dad giving me a hug and saying happy birthday to me.

What was your favourite TV show as a child?

The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.

Which public figure do you most admire? 

Barack Obama.

How will you remember 2020? 

It was a year that I had time and wasn’t focused on building a business or running around crazily. I took the time to build my foundations.

What do you hope 2021 will bring? 

I want to get back on stage and on aeroplanes, and I want to be able to spend more time being balanced. 

If you could travel back in time, where would you go? 

If that period wasn’t racist, I would probably go back to the ’50s or ’60s and be in the Motown era. I am hugely inspired by the likes of Berry Gordy, Diana Ross and Smokey Robinson.

How do you relax?

I do a lot of meditation and breath work. It calms my entire body down and centres me. I also take salt baths with flowers, oils, candles and a book.

What is at the top of your bucket list? 

I haven’t been to Niagara Falls yet. Take me over it in a private jet or helicopter! 

Who is your celebrity crush? 

Michael B Jordan.

Neat freak or messy? 

In my head I’m a neat freak, in real life I’m messy. 

What are your best and worst qualities? 

I’m caring and definitely mama bear with my friends. My worst is when I get into my calm space, I forget to reach out and tell people I’m OK and that gets misconstrued as being stand-offish or withdrawn. 

Who is the most famous person on your phone? 

Patti LaBelle.

If you were Prime Minister for the day what would you do? 

I would probably re-join the EU, put some real laws down against xenophobia, and I would also figure out ways to help strengthen the economy while actually giving people value. 

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