Extreme beauty regime of ‘world's most identical twins’ who share a man, from anti-aging chambers to matching surgery

SISTERS Anna and Lucy DeCinque have gone to extreme lengths to become the "world's most identical twins" and their extensive beauty regime is proof.

The twins, from Perth, Australia do everything as a duo, including cosmetic enhancements and pricey facial treatments – and they even share a boyfriend, Ben, and sleep in one big bed together.

The pair aren't afraid to drop some serious cash on beauty procedures either, or put themselves through some pretty intense treatments for the sake of looking good.

The sisters, aged 35,have blown roughly £195,000 getting the exact same enhancements in a bid to beat the ageing process at exactly the same pace.

This includes matching boob jobs, treating themselves to a set of double DDs- which they later admitted to hating before dropping an extra £23k to go bigger.

They've also had a range of dental treatments, lip fillers and even eyebrow tattoos – but in 2018 revealed a much more "natural" look after trolling took a toll.

The pair said they were embarrassed by their old, fake look so toned it down, ditching their ultra-thin eyebrows and stopped getting their lips tattooed.

Lucy and Anna share fashion and beauty updates on their joint youTube channel where they post about their anti-aging beauty secrets.

It was there they claimed Lucy "died for a minute" while undergoing cryotherapy last year, which uses freezing or near freezing temperatures to restore and tighten the skin.

It's said to cause an adrenaline rush, narrow blood cells and reportedly tightens skin, generally making people look younger.

It was the second time they'd tried the anti-aging treatment, but, unlike the first time, things didn't go so smoothly.

"I've never gotten over this," Anna said at the time. "I remember seeing Lucy on the floor, unconscious."

"I was dead," Lucy said. "I was dead for a minute."

"She had no oxygen in the chamber, "Anna explained. "She wasn't breathing. She wouldn't wake up. I don't know if I blacked out."

In a recent clip, the girls' detailed their more day-to-day upkeep – including a high frequency facial which is "one of our favourite treatments."

"We mention this all the time," one of the girls said. "It's one of our favourite treatments".

They explained: "It's an old fashioned treatment which dries up the pimples, blemishes and its also anti-aging – great for fine lines and wrinkles."

The beauty-obsessed duo also rely on dermablading and IPL – intense pulse light technology – to maintain their youthful glow.

Dermablading is a cosmetic procedure that removes the top layers of your skin – and the girls treat themselves to it often.

"It takes fluffy hairs away on the face," they explained, saying "it's a nice pick me up."

The twins also get IPL skin rejuvenation and say it's "good for collagen,plumping and pigmentation" which help maintains their youthful visage.

Treatments and procedures aside, though, the pair love getting dolled up and pride themselves on their fashionable appearance.

They don't shy away from bright, bold outfits but say how you do your make-up is key.

"Tip of the week, if you want to match your lippy with your dress, don't over do your eyes, because you don't want to do too much," they said.

"So if you want to stand out your lips, go light on the eyes and if you want to stand out on the eyes do light on the lips. Thats a rule we go with. "

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