Fashion fans slam UK brand Oh Polly as ‘disgusting’ after they create a separate Instagram page for plus-size and minority women – The Sun

A CLOTHING brand has faced an angry backlash from shoppers after they created a separate ‘inclusive’ Instagram account for plus-size models.

UK brand Oh Polly set up Oh Polly Inclusive on the social media site, which was claimed to be ‘100% inclusive’.

After spotting the second site – which appears to have since been deleted – angry fashion fans vented their fury on Twitter.

They slammed Oh Polly as ‘disgusting’ and ‘rude’, claiming featuring plus-size and minority women on a second page was "not very inclusive”.

Shoppers questioned why the brand didn't put them on their main Instagram page, which has more than two million followers.

One person tweeted: “What in the segregation is this. What makes these women not suitable for your main page @ohpolly? Ohpollyinclusive?? Who approved this?”

Another said: “Honestly nothing more funny than oh polly deleting every trace of their inclusive page literally who thought that it would ever be a good idea.”

A third wrote: “Yeah that’s cool and all but why did you make a second oh polly Instagram account specifically for plus size women? Not inclusive at all really just sad and rude.”

And this person added: “Oh Polly setting up a SEPARATE Instagram page called ‘Oh Polly Inclusive’ where they are only posting pictures of plus size and non-white models IS NOT VERY INCLUSIVE AT ALL, IS IT?”

A fashion fan shared a comment claiming to be the from the brand, where they said Oh Polly Inclusive was about “celebrating a wider range of people in our community”.

An official statement from the company said: “We established a new page with the specific aim of allowing our customers to discuss a wider range of issues.

“Improving diversity remains an absolute priority for us across all of our channels.

“We promise to continue listening to everyone in the Oh Polly community and, most importantly, learn from this mistake,” the BBC reported.

Fabulous Digital has reached out to Oh Polly for comment.

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