From Bee to Affinity – these are the top eight baby names which are making a comeback years after they were last used

NAMES such as Bee and Affinity are being used once again, with some previously forgotten names not used for more than a hundred years.

As parents strive to find unique and original names for their children, they’re delving into the history books for inspiration.

Names which were thought to have been lost have come back into circulation once again, according to Nameberry.

Looking at statistics for last year, they revealed the names which have made an appearance in the records for the first time in decades, and even a century.

One name which was last used in 1917 is Olwen, a Welsh girl’s name, while Orabelle was last used in the 1920s.

Some five girls were named Affinity last year, after the name was last recorded in 1998.

The humble Bee has also been used as a name once again, with eight girls given the name last year, the first time since 1996.

Demelza may be familiar thanks to a character in Poldark, but it last appeared on a birth certificate in 1979 before popping up again last year, with five girls given the name.

Pearlina was last used in 1970, but re-entered the record books with five girls given the vintage-inspired name in 2018.

Seville may bring to mind oranges and sunny Spain, but it’s also a girl’s name.

Last used in 1990, five little girls were given the name last year.

Lost names which have come back into use

  • Olwen
  • Orabelle
  • Affinity
  • Bee
  • Demelza
  • Pearlina
  • Seville

Nameberry noted other unusual names which have also grown in popularity are Felicity, Crescent, Dot, Goldi, Lulie, Elowen, Rosaelia, Wrenn, Eufemia, Callie, Melody, Lucette, Ozella, Reinette, Idalina and Oceania.

Nameberry said: “All the names below returned to the US charts in 2018 (meaning they were given to at least five boys or girls) after a gap of ten years or more.

“This means that most of them will be rare not only in schools, but in the whole population, so they’re a great place to start if you’re looking for something a bit different.”

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