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A HOMEOWNER was left majorly entertained when they stripped the wallpaper in their house and discovered a secret note about the Spice Girls from 25 years ago.

Reddit user AnheB1818 was busy decorating their home when they spotted the hilarious message from its previous owner that was previously concealed. 

They then decided to share an image of the cheeky message in a thread, as they lifted the lid on what it said.

The note – written by a dad – reads: “It's the 5th October 1997. 

“If the Spice Girls are still popular next time this room is decorated, I'll eat my overalls. By Dad.”

And it wasn’t just AnheB1818 who found the scenario funny, as other Reddit users rushed to like the post and comment.

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Others also posted similar tongue-in-cheek responses.

One wrote: “In 2050 the wallpaper is also removed. 'If President Bieber gets re-elected, I'll swallow my lace shorts. Dad'.”

Meanwhile, other people anonymously revealed what they had discovered on the walls in their home while updating the decor. 

One person explained: “My garage has the names and ages of the previous owners' kids written on a wall.

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“They were high school graduates when I bought the house so they must have done it well over a decade ago.

“I have no intention of erasing or altering it because I think it's a kind of cool little snapshot of my house's history.”

While another person said that they were the ones to have written on a wall in their previous home.

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They added: “I wrote my name on a basement support beam in my childhood home when we moved out.

"A few months ago I managed to get into that house and walked around. My handwriting of my name was exactly as I left it in 1988, 29 years ago.”

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