How brazen cheaters are sharing their sexcapades in secret forums full of tips on having the ‘perfect’ affair

MOST cheaters will do everything in their power to keep their infidelity a secret from anyone and everyone.

However, a clandestine forum has become somewhat of a club for the adulterous.

The subreddit Cheaters sees the unfaithful gather, share stories and even swap tips on keeping their secret lives under wraps.

The Reddit group currently has over 4,000 members and is described as a place for “discussions about cheating in modern relationships with understanding”.


While some of the posts come from those who have caught their partner in the act, the vast majority of posts come from those ‘confessing’ in an effort to offload some of their guilt… or proudly share their story.

Just scrolling through the first few posts one man admits that he has been enjoying regular sex with a woman at a local gas station, nine months before he is due to marry the mother of his child.

Another woman defends her repetitive cheating offenses because she “is allowed to have fun” and her boyfriend “is just not that exciting”.

One man confessed to cheating on his girlfriend six times in a month adding he does it “every opportunity he gets”.

In fact, far from dealing with feelings of guilt or upset, for the most part those posting seem pretty proud of what they've done. And excited to tell others how they got away with it.

Cheating tips

In unsettling posts people turn to fellow cheaters for advice on how to get away with having an affair, with titles like “How to cheat in peace?”

One man even asked fellow adulterers what sort of gifts he should buy for his mistress after a weekend away – Amazon vouchers was the consensus.

And the group rallied together to offer advice on how to cover a hickey from a lover when meeting up with a significant other. Scarves were the popular, if slightly old school, option.

One rather brazen user simply asked, “Any 50+ year old women looking for a temporary fix with a younger man?”

His prayers were answered when someone replied directing him to Craigslist that’s “full of older women, many recently separated or looking to cheat.”

Moral obligations

Occasionally a cheater, overcome with guilt, will ask whether they should come clean to a partner – but if that puts your mind at rest then you’re in for a shock.

In a recent post a woman who had cheated on her partner almost three years earlier asked if she was “morally obligated” to reveal the affair.

Find a way to live with yourself,

Perhaps predictably, the overwhelming consensus was that as she hadn't been busted there was no point in saying anything. Whether she felt guilty or simply couldn't live with the dishonesty seemed of little interest.

“You’re not a s***tbag, you’re human” offered one Redditor, “We all make poor decisions, do things we regret, etcetera. Let sleeping dogs lie.”

And another agreed adding, “The only person who will feel better after the discussion will be you.

“Basically your desires got the best of you, which is completely understandable, and now you must find a way to live with yourself.

“You can do it, we believe in you.”

“There is no moral obligation whatsoever” said a third.

The advice remains pretty much universal across the subreddit, with most members agreeing that it is best to keep quiet.

So if you think your partner would tell you they had done the dirty – you could be very wrong.

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