How do I pronounce Psalm West and what's the meaning behind the name of Kim and Kanye's fourth child?

KIM Kardashian last night revealed her newborn son's name after posting a text screenshot from her husband Kanye West.

So, now that we know the couple's new son is called Psalm West, we take a closer look at the name and its meaning.

How do I pronounce Psalm West?

The name Psalm is pronounced "Salm" with the "P" being silent.

What's the meaning behind the name?

It is likely to be a religious name, with Psalms being one of the books in the Bible.

However, there's no denying it is unusual, with it being ranked only the most 2,874th most popular baby name this year.

A psalm is a song or hymn used in Christian or Jewish worship, and it also refers to the Book of Psalms in the Bible.

All of the Kardashian-West children have meaningful names, with North representing the ‘highest point’ in the relationship, and Chicago as a nod to Kanye’s home town.

Saint was named for the ‘blessing’ Kim received for getting through her difficult pregnancy, and Psalm certainly follows the same spiritual theme.

And if you want to get really technical, "psalm" is a Middle English word from the Old English "psealm," the Latin "psalmus," and the Greek "psalmos" which literally means "twanging of a harp," wrote Refinery29.

How did Kim introduce Psalm to the world?

The 38-year-old star announced the news with a screenshot of a text from her 41-year-old husband, which read: "Beautiful Mother's Day."

It continued: "With the arrival of our fourth child. We are blessed beyond measure. We have everything we need."

Alongside the picture of the tiny child asleep in his cot, she wrote: "Psalm West".

The youngster is younger brother to North, five, Saint, three, and Chicago, one.

This is the second baby the couple have welcomed via a surrogate, after daughter Chicago was born in early 2018.

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