I become a mum-of-two aged 18 – I was already 37 weeks gone when I found out I was pregnant at 14, I had no idea | The Sun

A MUM-OF-TWO has told of her shock after discovering she was pregnant aged 14…when she was already 37 weeks gone.

Blaire, who posts under the handle @blairelivingston20, took to TikTok and posted a video explaining how she became a mum-of-two by the time she was 18.

In a recent clip, which she since gone viral, she spoke of the moment she found out she was expecting her first baby at the tender age of 14 – admitting she "cried consistently until she was born."

Blaire, who is now in her twenties, explains: "The ultrasound tech told my parents I was 37 weeks pregnant at 14…"

"Her next sentence was 'in your defence, she just looks fat.'"

The teen mum went on to say how she only gained 10lbs her whole pregnancy – adding that 7lbs 10oz of that was baby.


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She quipped: "My volleyball jersey gave it away.

"It was like Spanx material & SO tight."

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The video has since gone viral, racking up over 769,000 views and hundreds of comments.

"At least you didn’t have that long," wrote one.

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Blaire replied: "Exactly! You wouldn’t believe the amount we spent at Target on baby junk that weekend."

A second commented: "Idk if this will be comforting or annoying but I’m sorry your childhood was cut so short, babes (a fellow young mum)."

Blaire responded: "You’re so sweet! This is what my mum was saddest about, but I loved that I was so young because I literally don’t know any different!"

A third penned: "Same – they were like want to know the gender."

The mum-of-two quipped: "I asked if she could see the gender & she said 'honey this baby is 6.5lbs, yes I can see the gender.'”

Another admitted: "I was 40 weeks – guess I was in denial."

And a further added: "I just had my baby in November.

"I'm 14 and I had absolutely NO IDEA. lol."

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