I built a swimming pool in my garden out of an old paddling pool & junk, trolls say it wasn’t worth it but they're wrong | The Sun

WITH temperatures soaring yet again, Brits are struggling to keep cool.

Most homes wont be lucky enough to have a built-in swimming pool in their garden, but might have a paddling pool they can use to cool off.

But the truth is that filling up your paddling pool only to go through the hassle of emptying it and putting it away a few days later might not be worth it for everyone.

One savvy mum came up a solution that makes the most of the swimming pool she already has and means she doesn't have to dismantle it when the weather inevitable takes a turn.

The mum already had a large paddling pool in her garden, but wanted to make it a permanent feature.

She posted the transformation on TikTok, but not everyone's convinced it was worth her time.

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To create the swimming pool she added wooden pallets around the edge of the existing paddling pool, securing them into place with larger planks.

Adding a base on top made all the difference and could be used as something to sit and keep your feet cool, which you wouldn't be able to do in the paddling pool.

The clip has racked up over 4.3 million views but some people reckon the pool transformation was a complete waste of time.

One wrote: "It's alright it just makes it harder to empty and a nightmare to take down in winter, just not worth it."

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However the mum explained that she had no plans to take the pool down, she said: "No take down, just a lightproof cover and chlorine in the water.

"It works well without using the pump."

Another viewer still wasn't convinced, "Wow you put wood around it, it's the same still," they quipped.

Someone else jabbed: "I don't see the point it's still the same pool."

Not everyone hated it though, one said: "I think you've done a great job, looks good and creative actually thinking about doing myself thanks to you!"

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